In recent years, the Internet has become increasingly dominated by large businesses. Massively popular entertainment sites like Buzzfeed and IGN all but eliminate the independent blogger/creator, while service providers like Comcast and Verizon attempt to limit and monetize the public’s Internet use. As a result, the Internet is quickly losing what makes it so brilliant: its unpredictability and volatility. In a world dominated by forces that seem too large for the average individual to tackle, this bastion of absolute freedom, this cyber-frontier, this last variable, must stand. 

Y teh interwebz shud b free,
by xxeLFwArRioRxx_81.

teh Interwebz nvr was urs to control
n00bz, teh internets r fr33 4all
and wen u try 2 take it dwn
u will b pwned
by teh 1337 skilz
of teh pplz.
ANONS will find u
and pwn u so hard,
ur cred will all wash away
Nd ull be left with nuthing




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