Out There; or, A Love Letter to Feminism

You’re a class all on your own
And I will never get you.
Yet still I’ll try to look to you
In times of gendered trouble.

You’re big sister,
And girlfriends of the past.
Ideas, reality:
On a plane I’ll never know.

Please do understand:
I try so hard to empathize.
But I am not as one with you
For I am not your kind 

(Some of my parts stick out
At odd angles).

I want to understand
Please help me understand
What it’s like to be a You
Instead of lonely Me. 

I know that You’re important
Yet I fear I’ll never know:
That I will keep on tripping
All solipsistically. 

You make the world a better place
And so I promise this: I’ll try.
I think I’ve made some small progress
But I’m not quite all There yet. 


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