I’m going to make the assumption that you’ve made a judgment of my character via the title of this site. That’s fine. But even if you’ve already decided that I’m a stuck-up bastard, I hope you’ll at least give me the chance to  explain myself:

Postmodernism is the sort of word that we all hear pretty regularly, nodding sagely when it’s used, even though it’s become so opaque that today it’s almost meaningless. Personally, postmodernism just means ‘after modernism’ or what the world is like after human culture takes it over. It’s a vague term, which is useful because I don’t plan on sticking to any particular sort of theme here. At the same time, I recognize that everything I do and say and think is informed by the environment that I’ve been raised in. And that’s important to remember. Thus the former and more annoying part of my title.

As for the hotdog thing, I just sort of freestyled that in there. Like, don’t worry about it. At all. I mean, you can read into it and see it as a pithy espousal of populist/lowbrow-now-highbrow culture if you really want to, but like I said, you don’t have to worry about it. It won’t change anything. (Seriously. Like, I’m not being sarcastic or clever or anything. You really really don’t have to worry about it.)

All in all, you can just take the title to mean something along the lines of ‘living in the modern world’. I don’t think that’s an overly ambitious topic, seeing as all I’m doing is sharing my experiences with an un-natural world. I’m a pretty young person, so I’m never going to know what it’s like to live in any other type of world. A fractured, culture-bound life is all I’ll ever know. So, to make me feel less alone inside, and less brutally inadequate, I throw some of my writing out into the Internet.

Thank you for visiting, and I sincerely hope you find some of what I have to say instructive.


P.S. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or some sort of troll-like message if you’d like. It’s nice to have people to talk to – even haters.


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